Jewelry has the ability to connect through designs that are as communicative as they are creative.

Annette Welander’s designs interact with the world in a similar way as architecture, physically manifested and visually engaging while also challenging people to build lasting and positive relationships with the world around. The house embraces a combination of the personal, the historical, and the cultural to promote self-expression, diversity, and independence, while also prioritizing gender neutrality. The house combines the latest technology with careful hand-craftsmanship techniques to create truly unique pieces that still expressing the concept and the essence of the element. The pieces are handcrafted in the studio by goldsmith masters, with the fine jewelry pieces being crafted in Stockholm, Sweden. The collections are available in the finest material: platinum, 18K gold or plated silver. Each collection is environmentally shipped around the world, focusing on not just the benefits on society and the environment but also the value added for the brand and its customers.By using high quality and sustainable products, Annette Welander aims for the cultured and conscious personality who, like the city landscape, inspire by reaching higher and making the planet a better, more interesting place.