Our pieces are made from exceptional materials of the highest quality. They come from the Earth without harming our blue planet. We are committed to sustainability and traceability of the materials that we use and place a high importance on durability with the concept of fewer but better. The pieces don’t go out of fashion and are life-long products.

At Annette Welander, we take our commitment to the environment seriously and carefully monitor our carbon footprint. We continually examine every aspect of our business with the objective of making our environmental footprint as small as possible. We value the planet’s diversity, both in humanity and in nature, and actively strive to preserve and care for it in its entirety

Sustainable Source Gold

All Annette Welander´s pieces are made from sustainable sourced gold and the gold meets all environmental requirements according to EU standards. 

Sustainable Pearls

At Annette Welander, we work only with the highest quality cultured pearls that are from sustainable pearl farms in French Polynesia and Japan. When harvesting sustainable pearls, no treatment is performed and there is no manipulation with colors or luster.  The official grading system from French Polynesia is defined by four different qualities; A, B, C, and D.   We use A that is the highest quality.

FSC, ACID-FREE and GREEN+E Certified Packaging

Our packaging is tailor-made for each unique collection. We source the paper of our packaging from responsibly managed forests. The packaging is from the finest printing paper made today and meets the highest quality and environmental standards. The paper is produced in New York by Mohawk Fine paper and is acid-free, FSC, and Green+E certified.

Sustainable Shipping

We ship environmentally friendly with DHL GoGreen. DHL Group is not only the world’s leading logistics company, it is also a pioneer in green logistics. DHL Group´s environmental protection program, GoGreen, has set ambitious environmental targets and aims to reduce their logistics-related greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions to zero by the year 2050.