It's all about the feeling

Annette Welander is a Swedish jewellery house that empowers and emboldens the individual while embracing meaningful designs.

“Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.”Jane Jacobs

We are committed to the process of creating each collection and each piece, expanding beyond the visual to encourage the mind and inspire feelings of novelty or even strangeness. A single piece within a collection allows a discovery of ideas when traced from the tangible aesthetic structure to the creation, from the creation to the inspiration and conception, finally opening the eye to a wider universe of understanding. That understanding moves beyond the mere idea as Annette Welander is committed to the inclusion of every individual, embracing and encouraging a gender neutral set of ideals, leaving it up them to wear what feels right. A personal connection is essential. From the concept to the raw materials we seek to arrive at the essence of the element, combining technology and handcraftsmanship techniques to create truly unique pieces. These uniquely handcrafted pieces are influenced by cities and architecture, also drawing from minimalism and conceptualism. While the house’s implicit intention is to include thought-provoking poetry and architectural composition within the process, room is allowed for the wearer to interpret and provide definitive meaning. The personal is mixed with the historical and the cultural to emphasize self-expression and to encourage the realization of self.


Annette Welander believes in working with a close and diverse group of people. Differences in age, skill, nationality, and gender are utilized to their fullest potentials, creating well-rounded and fully realized collections. As a house, we maintain a small close-knit circle of professionals who remain committed to expanding and developing the house and its perspectives.


Founder | Creative Director | Designer

Annette Welander, the Founder and Creative Director of the brand, is a Swedish designer with a background in art and design. She has an unconditional admiration for architecture, physically manifesting visually arresting designs that interact with the world in a similar fashion. She believes that simplicity can often give way to unique complexity and meaning, allowing designs to effortlessly communicate ideas of self-expression, diversity, gender-neutrality, and independence.


Art Director | Branding Communication | Designer

“The artist creates and destroys worlds in search of self-acceptance and the desire for understanding.”Aidan Bra, the Art Director, is from Argentina and has a background in photography and visual design. His focus lies in not only the visual aesthetic but, maybe more importantly, the concept beneath what is initially perceived. He builds and breaks ideas in a chaotic cognition, underscoring the rupture within the artwork with expression. Minimal and with an industrial character, his main interest in art and design is to raise questions in the search for new approaches and meaning.


Copywriter Content Director | Creative Writer

Patrick Schiefen is an American poet and writer. He is inspired by the interactions between the personal and the universal, constantly pursuing truth through communication and experience. His writing is greatly informed by the diversity and the complexity of humanity and seeks to not only be understood but also to understand. He often tackles themes relating to gender, sexuality, and self-discovery.


Curatorial Director | Architecture & Design

Johannes Welander is a Swedish designer with a background in architecture, having studied architecture at both University of South Wales in Sydney, Australia and Tongji University in Shanghai, China. His passion lies within the arts of drawing, creating and visualization. Working within a spectrum where complexity and simplicity integrate into beautiful and elegant solutions. He draws his inspiration from all over the world, from the concrete jungles of modern metropoles to the smallest dwellings in the most remote parts of the world.