A new Swedish jewelry brand sets out to challenge the current standard of jewelry by embracing meaningful designs. Jewelry, as an expressive form of non-verbal symbolism, is often associated with memories, reminding us of the people and the places we cherish. It integrates itself into our pasts while also accompanying us as we move forward and discover who we are. Jewelry has the ability to connect through designs that are as communicative as they are creative. “Annette Welander was born from the ambition to empower and embolden the individual while embracing meaningful designs that go beyond the visual to engage the mind and inspire feelings of novelty or even strangeness.” Annette Welander’s designs interact with the world in a similar way as architecture, physically manifested and visually engaging while also challenging people to build lasting and positive relationships with the world around.

The house embraces a combination of the personal, the historical, and the cultural to promote self-expression, diversity, and independence, while also prioritizing gender neutrality. The house combines the latest technology with careful hand-craftsmanship techniques to create truly unique pieces that still expressing the concept and the essence of the element. The pieces are handcrafted in the studio by goldsmith masters, with the fine jewelry pieces being crafted in Stockholm, Sweden. The collections are available in the finest material: platinum, 18K gold or plated silver. Each collection is environmentally shipped around the world, focusing on not just the benefits on society and the environment but also the value added for the brand and its customers. By using high quality and sustainable products, Annette Welander aims for the cultured and conscious


At Annette Welander, gender-neutrality means that there is no limit to what can be created, to what can be worn. At Annette Welander, gender-neutrality means creating pieces that are inclusive while still remaining uniquely complex and appealing. The Sequential Collection, the new fine jewelry collection from Annette Welander, sacrifices nothing to make a statement. Playing with innovative and experimental designs that are, in part, drawn from modernism and minimalism, the Sequential Collection is as visually striking as it is intellectually challenging. The collection reflects Annette Welander’s passion for architecture and art. Its conceptual designs are based on circumferences and act in accordance to the principles of duplication and of repetition and multiplication. Connecting at different centers with diverse arc length cuts, the pieces create space by taking a single mass and extending it into a sequence of different forms.

These concepts are translated into pieces that are wearable expressions of their influences and are miniature sculptural arrangements, comparable to art. Each piece is offered in 18K black, white, yellow, and rose gold with white and black diamonds. The seven signature pieces of the collection are conceptual and versatile and dedicated to a design-conscious wearer. The pieces connect by being equal parts communicative and creative, even going as far as inspiring poetry that is unique for the collection. As a result, Sequential interacts with the world in a similar way as architecture, promoting self expression, diversity, and independence. The pieces are crafted by skilled jewelry artisans in Stockholm, Sweden and use the finest materials. 


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At Annette Welander, we encourage innovation, continually raising the bar of our collections and of jewelry, in general, by pioneering new techniques and cooperating with other professionals and visionaries. The fine jewelry is uniquely handcrafted in our studio in Stockholm, Sweden by goldsmith masters that use the latest production technologies. The collections are available in the finest material; platinum, 18K gold or plated silver. All Annette Welander’s pieces have an official name and unique brand hallmark that is issued and registered by Swedac, a Swedish government authority responsible for the surveillance of trade of precious metals.

The house uses only high-quality diamonds that are sourced from countries that are full participants in the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. The Kimberley Process unites administrations, civil societies, and industry in reducing the flow of conflict diamonds. The Kimberley Process is underpinned by the United Nations mandate. By using high quality and sustainable products, Annette Welander aims for the cultured and conscious personality who, like the city landscape, inspire by reaching higher and making the planet a better more interesting place. All Annette Welander pieces are exported from Sweden.


*Sequential Campaign by Annette Welander is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license.Free Press and Media right including the following credit description:

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