a reflection of a reflection / what is the bodyis there a voice to be traced back / from an echo?/concrete poured / concealing a phantom / layer after layerit’s not the changing of the mind when breaking the walls/more like the making up the mind / deciding to peel away the skins / delicatelyto honor the self / entirely / openly/more like spray painting a promise to feel alive / with all the complexityto be human is to be complex / but it depends/on the perspective / on the distance / it’s closingcloser / closer / even closer / so close it’s liberation/what emerges from a clouded existence,what shape is worked around the exhale? patrick schiefen


DIVE Madhouse is the artist pseudonym for Paris-born, Sweden-based painting artist Fredrik Sologub. Working out of DIVE Madhouse Studio & Showroom in Gothenburg and Stockholm, Sweden. With his very colourful original works, spanning over the abstract spectra from dreamy in form to playful in figure - he has over the passed couple of years exhibited in e.g. New York, London, Laguna Beach, Venice and China. Under the pseudonym DIVE Madhouse, he lets his very raw, naked and intense expression pass in color, on canvas. Using tools such as raw brushes, painting knives, spray cans and his bare hands - in his improvisational approach towards the bare canvas. Mediums, being merely a tool for the channeled emotion, vary between acrylics, oils, spray paint, oil pastels and water. Whatever suits the desired effect and technique of the moment. For this unique collaboration, DIVE Madhouse has submerged himself and his expression into the interpretation of the Tahitian Pearl under the theme of CONTINUUM. Finding inspiration in the complex layering of colorful yet subtle nuances of pink, green, bronze and copper. Reflecting something distant, yet within ourselves, familiar. Know more about the artist.